RESMI on-line broker

RESMI special-one

RESMI traditional trading

A brokerage service product allowing the Client to settle transactions with financial instruments using a digital signature and a trading platform

In our continuous effort to improve service quality, we are happy to offer our customers RESMI online broker service.

RESMI On-line Broker is a digital trading platform with access to online transaction settlement services at KASE (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange). This system is operated using the Digital Signature. Using the trading platform allows the clients to improve the qualitative characteristics and speedwork of transactions with securities, as well as extend functionality and yield of such transactions through cutting fees and commission expenses. Correct and timely display of information on the intraday transactions allows to view analytical reviews, quotations and portfolio current status, and to monitor cash balances on accounts and amount of securities.

Advantages of brokerage service via RESMI On-line Broker platform:

1. Free access to the "S trade" online platform 
2. Considerable time savings during purchase and sale of securities 
3. Safety of transactions 
4. User-friendly interface 
5. No special software required 
6. Additional features of Digital Signature

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